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About Us

Who We Are

We are simple builders who provide alternatives to molded plastic and carpeted walls. We put value in natural elements, organic design, and craftsmanship.

We are outdoors enthusiasts who enjoy camping as much as anyone else, but know when it comes to extended adventures vanlife is hard to beat.

Whether we're in the woods, the mountains, the desert, or staying incognito while visiting family or friends, our vans provide the perfect place to lay our heads.

What We Do

Our philosophy around our build designs is simplicity, functionality, and comfort.


We use a combination of interesting woods, complementary designs, and innovative technologies to create ideal adventure homes. 

Whether you want a Spartan weekend getaway vehicle, or a full time home on wheels, we can accommodate your needs.

Why We Love It

Have you ever spent the night in mountains after a hard day of hiking and climbing? 

Imagine being able to cook dinner on your gas range, sleep on a comfy foam mattress, and still be in nature. 

Each van is a new opportunity to create something spectacular and unique for our clients. We enjoy the creativity of tailoring a build to individual needs and design tastes.

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